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Being a soulmate is essentially awareness, allowing your soul to be still enough to feel the intense energies from another that is on the same vibration as you.

A soulmate does not always think the same as us, not always act alike, but a true soulmate WILL always fit together, always. Like two instruments in the same concerto, one plays, hears, feels the high notes, the other the low notes, interwoven and magical, without tangible thought or intent. They bring out the best in the other, smooth over discord, but recognize and acknowledge it in order to complement, rising above it to emerge better for having shared.

soulmate meaning

Being a soulmate is a deep yearning, desire, a craving to be the yin to their yang, the light to the shadows in their life's landscape. It is being the one to fill their silence with music, and to be the puzzle piece that fits theirs. Being a soulmate is the knowing that, like Legos, we are much better, much stronger and more complete when together.

It is a thirst for them that is never quite quenched, a hunger to share knowledge, fears, tears and dreams. Being a soulmate is a silk tie on a perfectly pressed Egyptian cotton shirt, wonderful and unique as individuals, but infinitely better together. Two truly do become one.

Color, age and flavor are of no matter when being a soulmate, but rather how seamlessly they fit together, barely revealing where one stops and the other begins. It is the delicate dance between smooth, soulful strings and emotional, crying horns.

"Ours is a very old connection that has traveled along intertwining paths long before we even knew, before we ever met...again. Our spirits have held each other many times before, we have gazed longingly into each other's liquid eyes through the current of years past. My energy, my light travels to you and yours to me in the quietest moments. Even when apart, we are connected... paths becoming one, ancient winds rolling across our inner landscapes carrying our very souls to each other from across the centuries again and again." (Lon L. Flewelling, 2014)

It is reaching the enlightenment not that you cannot live without them. it is that you absolutely and thoroughly never want to..


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