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Soulmate Quotes



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It can be a very delicate thing to discern between soulmate and infatuation. It goes well beyond the initial excitement of a potential love.
I believe a soulmate often describes a best friend that grows into a more intense connection without our knowing it, not an intended thing.

We cannot force the feeling of a true soul connection. It often happens when we least expect it, like a growing snowfall. We watch the beauty of individual flakes dancing on the breeze without even realizing they are gathering on the grass before us until, like our hearts, it is blanketed.

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It is that person you suddenly cannot stop thinking about, that you feel you have known beyond this life, that thoughts of can bring an immediate smile or tear. Energies that may well have connected long ago, eliciting that feeling of having known them forever. Two souls whose inner vibrations closely match and complement each other, paths that seemingly paralleled each other’s until they were meant to cross and become one.

A soulmate isn't necessarily the one that completes you, your 'other half', but rather the one in your life and heart that shows you love, without bounds, to give you the desire to complete yourself. They are the person that makes your heart want to play, to sing, to see beauty in all things. A soulmate makes you hear the music again, makes you understand the lyrics again, takes you to a world that is in color again.

"When we connect, I see the light within us entwine and glow a brilliant white, rising above the earth to paint treetops in opaque tones, valleys deepen their charcoal hues. When we touch, I feel music rise within my heart becoming a perfect harmony with the flowing waters and the chorus of the night's creatures. In that moment we are truly one." (Lon L. Flewelling, 2014)

I believe a soulmate can become a potential spouse, but more importantly, is the one person that is the common thread throughout your life, your every day. The one you so desire, need to share every fear, joy and dream with.


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