Bubble Breaker

Bubble Breaker is a classic puzzle game, your goal is to pop all the bubbles,
Use the mouse to select and pop, you can only remove two bubbles or more with the same color.

About Bubble Breaker

Bubble Breaker (also known as Bubbles or Bubble game) is a classic puzzle game, it requires good visual perception along with ability to plan ahead the next few moves.
On this site, we introduce few versions of this popular game, please check out all the games using the top menu, and choose the version that you like the most, some versions have better graphics or music, but all of them are of the same game, so the same rules and tactics apply to all of them.

The first thing you need for the game, is patience, and lots of it, as it might look simple at first glance, the difficulty level of the bubble breaker game become harder and harder as the levels advance,
take advantage of the lower levels to gain skill and points, that will help you later when you reach level eight or nine.

First,let's look at the game's main menu, on top, you can choose which level to start from, beware, if you want to play beyond level eight, you must start from difficulty level 2, your score will be increasing in successive additions through the levels, and there is a target score you need to reach per level, so if you choose to skip the first levels, you might not be able to reach the target score required to pass level eight.
Below the level selection option, there are two more options - the first one will start the normal game and the second booming mode, we will discuss the booming mode later. The last two menu entries are highscore table and game credit.
When you're ready to play, click the first menu entry, Let's observe the game screen- on top right there is a link back to the main menu, in case you want to stop playing.
On the bottom left, you can turn off and on the music and sounds.
Also, on top, there is an information bar with useful data about the current game-
the cumulative score - this is the total game score so far, this score is used to determine whether you can continue to the next stage or not, the target stage score is immediately to the right side of your total score, if you fail to achieve this score, the game will end.
It's better to invest time and effort in the early stages - two and three, this why it's easier to gain high score which will help you once you reach the higher difficulty levels.
To the right of these two info boxes, there is a box labeled "move score", this score is changing every time you hover the mouse pointer above the bubbles, it shows the possible score that the current move grants.
This score is changing per stage, for example, popping two bubbles on stage 2 will grant only six points, but popping two bubbles on stage 12 will grant 46 points!

Bubbles can be removed only if two bubbles of the same color are next to each other, the more bubbles popped at one move the higher the score, you can even gain few thousand points from one move if the moves are well planned.
Each stage will introduce a new color, beyond level 8, some bubbles will have numbers instead of colors, even though they look different - the rules stay the same, bubbles can be popped if two or more of them contain the same digit.
Each stage end when no more moves are available, or no more bubbles left, if you managed to gain enough points, you can go on to the next difficulty level.

Back on the main menu, there is an option to play booming mode, this mode features the same game, with the exception of new type of black explosive bubbles which are "jokers", they can be used together with any other color to create a series, this mode is a bit easier than the normal game mode, but on the advanced levels, there are not too many jokers, so their effect on the gameplay is reduced.